Facility Management

Every Organization relies on a mix of Function and services to provide the support essential to its core business opeartions. Ensuring thst thius support is available in the right form at the right quality and for the right cost in the domain of facilities management.

The term Facility means something that is built, installed or established to serve as a purpose.It is important because it ensure a safe and comfortable work enviornment for people. Financial Management basically covers two main areas :

  • Space & Infrastructure
  • People & Organization

The areas of facility management varies widely from organization to organization. So,In our organization,  FM covers the following areas such as :

  • House Keeping :- The term House Keeping defined as provision of clean , comfortable ,safe and aesthetically appealing enviornment which is responsible for cleanliness , maintenance ,aesthetic keep up of areas and it's surroundings.
  • Manpower :- Manpower facility management offers many services like office support , electromechanical services for the past several years. We have adequate infrastructure with trained personnel, machineries and equipment to undertake the jobs to perfection and satisfaction.
  • Equipment/Material/Machine provide :- With advancements in traditional equipment performance and new product technologies,Facility management seems endless. We offer far more flexible equipment,user-friendliness and advanced features.
  • On-board Service :- We at UISPL assist and support in developing the skills,knowledge ,attitudes needed to be successful. So,as to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize company revenue.
  • Mechanization Clean / Manual :- Mechanization cleaning are designed for effective maintennaceand care of large areas .They show ergonomic design, innovative cleaning technologies and sophistication.The features and benefits of mechanized cleaning are
    • Maintain high levels of hygiene and cleaning
    • User Friendly controls and easy operations
    • High throughput cleaning procedures
    • Improved productivity and reduced physical labour
  • 5S Management :- The 5s is a hands-on tool that everyone in the workplace can be part of .It involves assessing everything present in a space, removing what's unnecessary,organizing things logically,performing house keeping tasks and keeping this cycle going.

and many more like office premises cleaning ,mechanical / manual warehouse cleaning etc. . So, facility management has become a critcal factor in company growth from maintaining equipment to creating enviornment that supports the company culture facilities management adds value on a daily basis & for the long term.

facility management

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